Esther Rituerto González

Esther Rituerto González earned her Eng. degree in Audiovisual Systems from the University Carlos III Madrid (2017) and her Master’s degree in Multimedia Communications from University Carlos III Madrid (2018) with Specialization in Signal Processing and Data. She also owns a three year course in dubbing formation.

She is currently an associate researcher in the Signal Theory and Communications department of the Univ. Carlos III Madrid. At present she is participating in the BINDI Project from the UC3M4Safety Group, where they are developing a wearable solution that will detect a user’s panic, fear and stress through physiological sensor data, speech and audio analysis, machine-learning algorithms and multimodal data fusion.

Her interests rely in very different research communities focusing on Computer Science categories, such as Speech Communications, Speaker Recognition, Emotions in Speech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Saliency and Computer Vision.

Her recent activity can be found in LinkedIn.

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