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An EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) framework based on K-FCA has been developed as an aid for scientific discovery. A more ad hoc tool, specifically designed for Gene Expression Analysis is also available in (url_WebGeneKFCA4GPM).

The Entropy Triangle

New implementations of the set of information-theoretic tools for the assessment of multi-class classifiers that include The Entropy Triangle, NIT and EMA. 


Use case vignettes in R

If you really want to get dirty, these are the use cases we will use to illustrate the affordances of the Entropy Triangle in Rmd: Analysis of Confusion Matrices and Simple Use Case for the CBET on classification. You will be able to analyse different classifiers and find out yourself what the Entropy Triangle is doing. In this case, it is recommended to have R Studio installed.

For those who just want to peruse the illustration cases: Analysis of Confusion Matrices and Simple Use Case for the CBET on classification

Our project in ResearchGate

Web page at ResearchGate where updates to it are posted:

The main papers for the theory

[bibshow file=] The first introduction to the Entropy Triangle CBET [bibcite key=val:pel:10b] and related metrics EMA \& NIT [bibcite key=val:pel:14a], the source multivariate extension  SMET [bibcite key=val:pel:17b] and the channel multivariate extension CMET [bibcite key=val:pel:18c].


Our tutorial at WCCI18

Slides for IJCNN-04 tutorial: IJCNN18-EntropyTriangle

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