Eduardo Pla-Sacristán

Eduardo Pla Sacristán earned his Engineering degree in Audiovisual Systems from the University Carlos III of Madrid (2016) and his Master’s degree in Multimedia and Communications from the same institution (2017), specializing in Machine Learning techniques. He is currently working on his PhD thesis in the field of Machine Learning applied to Multimedia Data in the Multimedia Processing Group.

He has been associated with the Signal Theory and Communications Dept. at Univ. Carlos III of Madrid since 2015, working in different projects. He developed his Bachelor thesis in collaboration with the Dirección General de Tráfico, working in a Tailgating Detection System supported by Video Analysis and Computer Vision techniques. This work was awarded the second prize nationwide in the “Liberalización de las Comunicaciones” award by the College of Technical Engineers. Another relevant project was ESITUR, centered in the use of clustering techniques to discover important landmarks within a region using publicly available data. He has also dedicated his efforts to a project in collaboration with Zoitech Lab, which aims to assess the quality of reproductive sample images using Machine-Learning-based classification systems.

His interests include, among others, Machine Learning (particularly, the use of clustering techniques), Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

More information can be found in LinkedIn and ORCID.

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