Esther Rituerto González

I am a PhD Student in the field of Affective Computing in the Group of Multimedia Processing(GPM) of the Univ. Carlos III of Madrid. My supervisor is Prof. Carmen Peláez Moreno from the Dept. of Signal Theory and Communications. At present I am working in the EMPATIA-CM Project in the UC3M4Safety Group, where we are developing a wearable solution for gender-based violence detection and prevention. 

My research focuses in Emotion Recognition from Speech and Physiological signals. I’m interested in Fairness in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically in gender biases in Machine and Deep Learning. I am also interested in Affective Computing, Speech Communications, Speaker Recognition, Emotions in Speech, Biosignals Processing, and the applications of these research subfields for social good.

More details about my recent activity can be found at her personal webpage, Github, LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

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